Leader Packet

Selected Scriptures

Getting Started

1. Take a few minutes and talk about a time when you felt cared for by your own mother or by a maternal figure in your life. This question is designed to connect your group to the care that they, themselves, have received. For some people, Mother’s Day can be tough because of negative histories, loss, or disconnection. For those few, connecting them with positive maternal memories at a deeper level will be very helpful.


2. What is it about the love of a mother that is so uniquely caring, uplifting, and lifegiving? How would you explain the benefits of a mother’s love to someone else? Here are some ideas: a mother’s love is often unconditional, generous, tender, and sacrificial. It can often seem like a mother is more for her children than anything else (certainly, there are exceptions). We are going to be pushing the application beyond mothers a little later and seeing the value of this kind of love and care-giving will be critical.


Digging Deeper

1. Look at these familiar verses and remind yourself how God wants you to esteem your mother. How does each apply to honoring our mothers, specifically?

Exodus 20:12 It is good to go back to simple commands from God on a regular basis to keep them straight in our hearts. In your group, pay special attention to the fact that there is an outcome when one honors his/her mother. Discuss that life goes well when we honor our mothers. Maybe they have their own stories about this.

Deuteronomy 5:16 Again, something good happens in life when we have an“honoring” attitude, especially when it comes to parents.

Deuteronomy 27:16 Dishonoring parents (one’s mother) is so severe that it is set right after dishonoring God. This is of high importance to God. Not honoring parents is one of the most heinous offenses we commit in God’s eyes.

2. Read Ephesians 6:2-3. How has honoring your mother helped life “go well with you?” Can you think of a way that life would have gone “well” if you had more closely honored your mother’s wisdom or values? No one is perfect. Even those of us who have a mom who is easy to honor likely have ways they wish they’d done better. You may hear answers to both of these questions, or just one or just the other. This nuance and complexity might grow into a bigger discussion, and that is a good thing. This N.T. confirmation of the O.T. command reiterates: Something goes well in life when we have a spirit of honor for our parents, and our mothers in particular. Why is that? What does it say about us if we do… or don't? From Warren Weirsbe: When children obey their parents in the Lord, they will escape a good deal of sin and danger and thus avoid the things that could threaten or shorten their lives. Sin always robs us; obedience always enriches us.

3. Read 1 Samuel 2:11. Hannah stewarded the early life of Samuel, her son. She cared for him, uplifted him, and provided for all his needs, even though there would be significant pain when the time came to let him go. Life comes with pain, and Hannah’s motherly example shows how such pain can be weathered. In light of this, look at the following verses and talk about how we can respond to some of the pain of life. 

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 God’s strength will make up for the things that pain, weakness and discomfort in us. We can march forward in confidence, knowing that God will walk with us, and carry us when needed.

1 Peter 4:12-14, 19 Notice the end of verse 19: In spite of the pain we may experience for following Jesus, God expects us to have an intentional response to pain and suffering. Pain doesn’t give us a pass on following our King.

Hebrews 5:7-8 This is a very comforting reminder. Look what Jesus does with His pain… He takes it directly to God, and in doing so, He learns obedience. How much more so can that be true of us?

Psalm 77:1-6 This is a fantastic passage showing the psalmist laying out his pain to God. It’s a great passage to pray to God in difficult times.

Matthew 26:36-39 Jesus, facing the cross, not only cries out to God, He seeks comfort and support from His friends. Look at the vulnerability He displays toward His friends, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.”

4. How can pain lead us to God? Describe how leaning on God has helped grow your ability to care for others. For one, it connects us to our own pain and difficulty, creating in us empathy for others who are struggling.

5. Read Luke 34-35. Mary submitted to God’s plans for her life, even though it meant walking toward deep sorrow. Describe potential “sorrows” that someone might face as they live in submission to God. How is Mary an example to us in this? We’ve heard stories of people who lose a job because they aren’t willing to sacrifice time with their families by working too many hours. Others deal with severe ridicule because they aren’t willing to be dishonest with customers. In those situations, what does God ask of us and our attitudes?

Applying the Message

1. As we reflect on this message, we recognize how a mother’s love, affection, example, and influence can deeply shape our lives. In what particular way has your mother, or a motherly figure, shaped you? What are some ways you can express gratitude and honor for this woman this week? The impact of motherhood should never be underestimated! It is a profound gift and a sacred responsibility to nurture a child's sense of security, self-esteem, and love for our Savior. Even after our mothers have passed on, their faith and love continue to shape us. Honoring our mothers can be achieved by living out their values, preserving family traditions, or simply reflecting on the impact they had on our lives. Through these simple actions, we can honor the faith and love our mothers imparted to us.

2. Proverbs offer guidance for mothers. Read the following verses and discuss how anyone can apply these wise sayings to their own lives. 

Proverbs 31:22 A woman of wisdom remembers her needs. The better our needs are met, the more we are able to help others with their needs. 

Proverbs 31:15, 21, 27 A wise woman is prepared. How does being ready for something serve us in life? How about when surprises come? How does a prepared person adapt well?